treatments in salon
When you visit a Joyce Blok salon you will not only enjoy a relaxing wellbeing experience, but you will also see visible results and changes within the skin. After an initial consultation, our expert therapists will custom-make each treatment for your individual needs according to specific skin types and concerns.

We believe that personalised facial and body treatments offer the very best results possible and for this reason, Joyce Blok Professional Skin Care is only available from approved spas and salons.

Give dull, lifeless skin a boost with our Alpha-Beta Radiance Treatment
Sun exposure, environmental pollution and the natural ageing process all impact upon on our skin, leaving it dull, uneven and etched with fine lines and wrinkles. An Alpha-Beta Radiance Treatment enhances the skin’s natural exfoliation process, allowing for the renewal of healthier skin cells while improving moisture retention to achieve a healthy glowing appearance.


Why have regular salon treatments?
With ongoing treatments every 4 weeks a fully trained beauty therapist can...

  • teach you the most effective beauty routines to care for your skin at home
  • treat problem areas and help to keep skin in optimum condition
  • recommend appropriate products as the seasons change
  • provide you with some pampering time out!