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For over 40 years Joyce Blok has offered the highest quality formulations in its skin care products. The entire collection possesses a strong emphasis on natural, active ingredients and the research and development of all new products draws on worldwide advances in skin care.

Our philosophy focuses on providing a complete skin care solution so we offer an Essential Care range for daily use to maintain and support your skin along with an Enhanced Care line containing highly effective cosmeceutical ingredients to treat any skin concerns and to provide a seasonal boost. 

The Essential Care range includes moisturisers, cleansers, tonic lotions and night creams for all skin types, eye care creams, masks and exfoliants as well as anti-ageing skin care products and skin care solutions for men. Sometimes your complexion needs a little extra attention and the Enhanced Care range works in conjunction with the Essential Care products to help improve symptoms relating to dull or dry skin, sensitive skin, acne, sun damage and UV exposure so your skin can receive the best skin care all year round.
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Serum C20

With 20 % vitamin C, the optimum strength for maximum benefits to the complexion, this rapidly-absorbed serum helps to stimulate natural collagen synthesis, fade pigmentation irregularities and even the skin tone. Suitable for normal, oily, mature or sun-damaged skins, this high-performance product is best used during periods of high UV exposure or as part of an effective anti-ageing, restorative programme.